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Little, Jordan reflect on Idaho governor's race, look ahead to what's next

Little says healthcare will be a top priority for him as governor, while Jordan says she remains committed to Idaho.

BOISE — After a historic race for Idaho governor, Republican Brad Little will be sworn in as the Gem State's 33rd governor in January.

While Little never publicly endorsed Medicaid expansion in the campaign trail, so far, the governor-elect is keeping true to his promise to respect the will of the people.

"I am committed as I told everybody if this passes we have got to implement Medicaid expansion, but we have got to do it the right way where it works for Idaho," Little said.

Although Medicaid expansion is set to become law, the Idaho Legislature will still have to come up with the money to fund the state's portion of the cost.

"You will have to switch some money around from one pot to another," Little said. "We have done some calculations on the Department of Health and Welfare, the proponents of Proposition Two did, there is some question whether those numbers are valid."

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On the topic of health care, Little say he is also committed to lowering the cost of Idaho insurance premiums, which have sky-rocketed.

"The cost of people's premiums has gone way up, and we made a proposal, it’s still pending, to allow us to offer plans to cover all the essential health benefits but will make insurance more affordable," Little said.

Funding and maintaining road projects will also be a top priority for Idaho's next governor.

"What do we do about congestion, which is a big deal right now, particularly in the Treasure Valley but it’s getting to be a bigger deal in the Magic Valley, in Kootenai County, in Twin Falls County, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, what are we going to do in the infrastructure area," he said.

Little also commented on Oregon's election results after the border town of Ontario lifted its ban on recreational marijuana sales.

"I'm not a fan of legalized recreational marijuana but we will have to deal with it," Little said. "It will be an issue for employers, that will be an issue for law enforcement, but you know there is a sign when you are going across the state line."


As for Little's Democratic challenger Paulette Jordan, despite being defeated, Jordan says she still considers her campaign a win.

"It's about the people and now that they are feeling more and more empowered we want people to continue challenging others around them to get engaged," Jordan said.

While she wouldn't say exactly what she plans do next, Jordan did confirm she will remain committed to Idaho.

"I'm Idaho through and through, I am pure Idaho," Jordan said. "It's about defending our children, defending our land, so I tell people I will be here, I am going to be accessible always, I will be a part of any movement. We have to continue creating and the people understand we are the solid foundation of truth."

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