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7Cares Idaho Shares: The Salvation Army in Boise

Every year Idahoans come together to raise money and food for those in need. So, how do donations help the Salvation Army?

BOISE, Idaho — The final countdown is on, there's only three days until 7Cares Idaho Shares.

Every year the community comes together to raise donations for nonprofits that help Idahoans in need.

One of the charities that your donations goes to is the Salvation Army in Boise.

Whether it's canned food or money, the Salvation Army has a lot of different uses for it.

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With the community’s support, groups like the Salvation Army in Boise can help those in need.    

Major Michael Halverson says specifically this time of year, the Salvation Army is excited to see how the community rallies for 7Cares Idaho Shares.

"In the Treasure Valley we serve almost 100,000 meals and boxes throughout the year," Halverson said.

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The Salvation Army in Boise does a lot of work to help those in need throughout the year.

This time of year though, things can be extra challenging.

"Sometimes people might have the opportunity to pay their rent, but they maybe can't afford food, so it gives us the opportunity, the community the opportunity to help these people out throughout the year," Halverson said.

Because quite frankly, there a lot of people in need.

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"It's about 15,000 people we are able to serve during the Christmas season in the Treasure Valley."

Halverson says there are a lot of great ways to contribute.

Two big ones -- donating food or money.

"With the food donated, it's amazing the amount of people we are able to serve," Halverson said. "We are always looking for canned fruit, canned veggies, canned meat, peanut butter, protein stuff."

Donating money during 7Cares helps to keep valuable Salvation Army programs running.

"Not just giving them a fish, but also teaching them how to fish," Halverson explained.

Those programs include things like the Booth Marian Pritchett School for pregnant teens and teen parents.

"The Booth Marian Pritchett High School that we have, we join with the Boise School District, they educate them and we have wrap-around services that we provide for them," Halverson said.

Another valued program this time of year, the Salvation Army Toy and Joy for families looking for help on holiday gifts for kids.

"They are very supportive, they give a lot of toys and we are able to serve so many people," Halverson said.

Halverson says over the years he has found that the communities generosity during 7Cares inspires more giving in the future from people in need right now.

"It's kind of a pay it forward type of thing, sometimes we are able to help when people are in need and those people are able to come alongside us and then help others down the road," Halverson said.

7Cares Idaho Shares is this Saturday. 

KTVB will be collecting cash and food donations at all Treasure Valley Fred Meyer and select Albertsons stores and at Albertsons Stadium on the campus of Boise State University. The KTVB team will be at BSU collecting donations and broadcasting live from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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