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The internet has some strong opinions on KTVB's Brian Holmes not wearing a tie

It's 2020, so naturally people went online to share what they thought of a tie-less Brian Holmes.

BOISE, Idaho — On Thursday, KTVB launched a brand new 5 p.m. show, 'The 208,' and viewers immediately shared their opinions about Brian Holmes not wearing a tie - yes, a tie, because it's 2020 and there's totally nothing else to worry about.

Holmes addressed the controversy in Friday's edition of The 208 and said, "It's not something I generally give a lot of thought to. We've addressed it a couple of times the last couple of days, just because of the onslaught of comments, text messages, and emails. We tried to have fun with it...not taking either take too seriously and I'm not trying to make this a thing but I got an email last night in regards to my lack of a tie. That got me thinking."

The email was from Allyson, who said, "It's very hard to take you seriously or respect your newscast with the way you dress... Your casual approach makes us look like a bunch of hayseeds...I'll probably be changing channels."

Holmes responded by saying that he's sorry to hear that Allyson will be changing the channels now but he added, "I'm also sorry that this seems to be the state of our society right now. The response to this tie thing and I guess I can say it's kind of refreshing to see it's not just women getting criticized in this business but it's also kind of a microcosm of the camps, factions, or tribes we have separated ourselves into. Maybe it's because we have an R or a D by our name, maybe it's because we belong to a different social class, or live in another part of town or maybe because someone decides to, not wear a piece of fabric tied it in a knot around their neck."

Allyson wasn't the only one online to share their opinions about a tie-less Brian Holmes. Here's a round-up of some of the best hot takes the newest controversy.

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If you don't know yet, KTVB launched 'The 208' on Thursday, which is a brand new version of the News at 5. With this new show, Brian Holmes and Joe Parris will take a deeper dive into local stories that matter to you and your feedback will help shape how Brian and Joe report the news.

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