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Idaho school levy and bond election results: March 8, 2022

See what's on the ballot in each participating county. Results are being updated.

Jeremy Stiles


Published: 6:04 PM MST February 22, 2022
Updated: 11:49 PM MST March 8, 2022

Many school districts around southwest, central and south-central Idaho had levies or bonds up for a vote on March 8. The outcome of these elections will guide local school districts in budgeting for the upcoming school year. The budgets are typically discussed and set in the spring, and take effect July 1 of each year. To go directly to a specific county to see what's on the ballot for March 8, click one of the chapter headings at the top of this story.

As happens every ten years, after each census, legislative and congressional district boundaries are changing in Idaho. Those new districts and, for some counties, new voting precincts will be in effect beginning with the May 17 primary election.

If you ever have questions about registering to vote, where to vote, absentee ballots, or accessible voting, contact your county clerk's office. Official voting information for Idaho also is available at the Vote Idaho website, operated and maintained by the Idaho Secretary of State's Office. Find detailed information about identification requirements at this link.

Most of the measures on the ballot for March 8 are two-year supplemental levies, for maintaining and operating public schools in a given district. Those supplemental levies require a simple majority -- 50 percent-plus-one voting for approval. A couple of districts have proposed plant facilities levies, which require approval from 55% of voters. School bonds require a two-thirds supermajority -- 66.67% voting "yes" -- for the measure to pass. 

The following is a county-by-county rundown of bond or levy measures up for a vote on March 8, with the results listed after the details of each measure. 

Some counties did not participate in that election, and are not listed here.

For school districts that cross county lines, items are listed under each county, so a few ballot measures and results will appear more than one time in this guide. One example is the Homedale School District COSSA levy; it is listed under both Canyon and Owyhee counties. Results listed are the totals for all counties within a particular school district.

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