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Nevada man's bi-monthly trip to Idaho pays off with $50,000 Powerball prize

Kelly Cleave drives from Ely, Nevada to Twin Falls, Idaho every other week to buy groceries and Powerball tickets.
Credit: Idaho Lottery

BOISE, Idaho — Kelly Gleave drives 500 miles round trip from his home in Ely, Nevada to Twin Falls, Idaho once every two weeks to buy groceries and get Powerball tickets.

With no lottery sales in Nevada or Utah, Gleave commutes to the Gem State to play Powerball. His latest trip to Idaho paid off big.

His Powerball ticket for Wednesday's draw matched four of the first five numbers and was worth $50,000. He missed winning the $155 million jackpot by one number. His ticket had the number 45, while the winning number he missed was 44.

“I had misplaced all my previous numbers, so when I got to the store, I filled out a playslip and those are the numbers I came up with,” said Gleave. “I was just that close to winning the whole thing.”

Gleave purchased his winning ticket at the Oasis Stop ‘n Go located on Highway 93 in Hollister, about 20 miles south of Twin Falls. 

For selling the winning ticket, Oasis Stop ‘n Go received a $5,000 bonus from the Idaho Lottery.

When Gleave left the Idaho Lottery offices in Boise Thursday evening with his winner’s check in hand, he promised to return someday with another big winning ticket. In the meantime, he said he was headed to Jackpot, Nevada.