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7's Hero: Meridian High School senior Nic Roshto's inspirational healing journey after losing his legs

Roshto was a senior at Meridian High when he was in a terrible motorcycle crash. He lost his legs, and almost lost his life. He still managed to earn his diploma.

MERIDIAN, Idaho — On New Year's Eve in 2022, Meridian High School senior Nicolas Roshto was in a horrible motorcycle accident. 

"He lost control, came off the bike, and slammed into the guardrail." Joshua Roshto, Nicolas' dad said. 

Nic's parents Joshua and Maia Roshto got the call every parent dreads. Nic was in the ICU at Saint Alphonsus, and things didn't look good.

"It's hard to explain in words seeing him there, and parts of him gone and other parts mangled, and he was in a coma," Joshua said. 

Nic's condition was touch and go for days. His injuries were so severe, he had to have both of his legs amputated. He remembers waking up in the hospital, and having no idea where he was. 

"I woke up, not sure where I was or why," Nic said. "Then, my dad walked in and said I lost my legs. I said you are messing with me that's not real, and I lifted the blanket off and saw my legs were gone, and it really messed with me." 

18-year-old Nic was in so much pain, physically and emotionally. His dad refused to leave his bedside. 

"He's the one person there the whole time I was in the hospital," Nic said. "He would sleep on an uncomfortable couch, and make sure that he was there the whole time I needed him. He was there all night, every night and all day too. "He told me we are going to make sure you walk again, and I said you can't be sure of that, there is no way you can promise that. I didn't think I was going to walk ever again." 

Nic's dad, Joshua, kept that promise. He knew they had a long road ahead of them, and he started a GoFundMe to help pay for new prosthetic legs for Nic. Thousands of dollars poured in from the Treasure Valley community. People wanted to help. His mom and dad were overwhelmed by the support. 

"I am very grateful and I am so touched," Nic's mom Maia said. 

His dad said it gave him faith in the good of people again. 

"To see love being poured out, and support and care, it really does something to you. It really starts to change your view of humanity," Joshua said. "To see that support is pretty awesome, so I want to thank everyone who reached out with letters, and texts and monetary support. It has been awesome, it's really going to help him get where he wants to go. You know and it's helped us a lot so thank you!"  

In the lasts six months, Nic has made incredible strides. He finally has his prosthetic legs but learning to use them hasn't been easy. 

"It's been pretty tough, but I'm getting it down, getting a lot better at it," Nic said.  

One of his goals was to graduate from Meridian High School with his class. He finished his school work online. But, he had some setbacks physically, and wasn't feeling strong enough on his new legs to go to the ceremony in person. His dad had an idea. 

"He and I sat for hours talking about it," Joshua said, "and I said how about we plan a private graduation?"  

So, that's just what they did. The family held a private graduation ceremony just for Nic at home. 

"It means a lot," Nic said. 

The Meridian High School principal and vice principal arrived to deliver his diploma. His home room teacher came over too. It was emotional for everyone. There were a lot of hugs, and some tears. 

"It's really special for him, yeah," Joshua said. "He wanted to do it, he wanted to graduate, and he did it!" 

Nic is getting stronger physically and emotionally day by day. He's also back to doing many of the things he used to love to do before the accident. He's passionate about cars and the car community. He's even back behind the wheel, driving with hand controls and starting to work again, to earn money for the future. He has started a company called Prestige Auto Properties, doing professional restoration on high end homes and vehicles. 

Nic says he is just blown away by all the support from our community. It means so much to him. 

"I didn't expect it at all," Nic said. "I've had so many people come over and meet me and say they have seen me on the news or on social media. They say you've really inspired me, you've shown me that you can make it. That alone means the most to me. It's given me a lot of hope, too."

He also wants to thank the Garden City Police officers who responded to his accident. They played a major role in helping to save his life. They were first on the scene, and put tourniquets on his legs. 

Nic is a true inspiration. 

"He is," his mom said. "He's a fighter."  

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