BOISE- Kids from all over the country, who have limb deficiencies, learned to ski and snowboard at Bogus Basin over the weekend.

It's all thanks to the nonprofit NubAbility, which works to give these kids the tools they need to succeed in sports.

More than 20 kids learned how to ski and snowboard. They also got a chance to go tubing and ride the mountain coaster.

Bogus donated all of the lift passes and equipment like snowboards, skis and helmets. Recreation Unlimited provided the lessons to the campers.

Boise resident Dorian Willes has been involved in this nonprofit for three years and worked to bring the winter camp to the Treasure Valley.

"There is nothing really on this planet that I love doing more than coaching kids and being able to have events like this for them," he said.

This is the first winter camp, but Nubability has been hosting summer camps for seven years. Each year more than 170 kids attend the summer camp in southern Illinois. That camp is run by 70 coaches who also have limb deficiencies. They teach campers more than 20 different sports.

The goal behind these camps is to empower kids with limb deficiencies.

"I'll never have to take a payment because that's the best payment in my life," founder Sam Kuhnert said. "To see the joy that comes to these kids when they accept themselves for being created perfect and they can do anything there's no greater joy and there never will be."

Kuhnert founded the nonprofit when he was a senior in high school in 2011. Even though he has limb deficiency, he always played sports and wanted to be able to give other kids like him the same opportunity.