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Dog snatched by mountain lion during Idaho hot springs trip

Fish and Game officers say the family was sitting in the hot springs when the mountain lion attacked one of their small dogs.
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Mountain Lion moving in snow

CAREY, Idaho — The Idaho Department of Fish and Game says a mountain lion carried away a small dog as its owners visited a hot spring near Carey, Idaho. 

The attack happened Thursday evening at the Wild Rose Hot Springs, which sits on private property along Highway 20.

The family reported that they were sitting in the hot springs with their small dogs nearby, when the mountain lion appeared and snatched up their pet. The mountain lion ran away with the dog, which has not been found. 

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"Anyone who chooses to access this area is encouraged to be vigilant and be aware of their surroundings, especially during early morning and evening hours," IDFG officials wrote in a press release. 

Although mountain lions typically avoid people, they see small animals and pets as potential prey.

If you see a mountain lion, you should not run away or turn your back on it. Instead, make yourself look as large as possible, and slowly back away while continuing eye contact. People are advised to yell loudly, but not scream, as high-pitched noises may mimic the sound of a wounded animal.

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If attacked by a mountain lion, always fight back.

Pet owners can keep their animals safe by keeping them on a leash and paying attention to their behavior. Dogs and other pets will often sense a mountain lion before their owner is able to, according to officials. 

Mountain lion attacks can be reported to the Magic Valley Regional Office at 208-324-4359 during business hours and to the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 1-800-632-5999 after hours.

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