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A bald eagle was illegally shot in Bern, Idaho

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game are looking for leads into who would do this

BERN, Idaho — A symbol of freedom, strength and America.... the bald eagle. It is illegal to shoot them but on Nov. 6, The Idaho Department of Fish and Game got a report that one had been killed and found in a field in Bern, Idaho, a small community close to Montpelier.

“It’s always a tragedy when a bald eagle dies by hitting a powerline or colliding with a vehicle,” said Senior Conservation Officer Kolby White. “But, this was no accident. Someone purposely shot this symbol of freedom.”  

The eagle was shot with a small caliber gun. The Department of Fish and Game determined that the bullet had gone through a leg and went into the birds abdomen. A press release stated that it appeared that the eagle flew for a while but it finally succumbed to blood loss and died.

The investigation revealed that the bird had been shot with a small caliber gun. The bullet had gone through one of its legs and into the abdomen, and it appears that the eagle was able to fly for a short time before succumbing to blood loss.

Bald eagles, along with other raptors, have state and federal protections and penalties for killing a bald eagle can be up to a $100,000 fine and one year in prison for a first offense. 

The Department of Fish and Game is asking anyone with information to contact White at 208-204-3921 or they can call the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 1-800-632-5999. People can remain anonymous and may get a reward. 

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