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Boise-themed Monopoly board planned for 2023

Hasbro licenses Top Trumps to create official city-themed Monopoly boards. The company selected Boise alongside Kansas City, Brooklyn and Scottsdale for 2023.

BOISE, Idaho — Top Trumps USA Inc. is releasing a Boise-themed Monopoly board in October 2023, the company announced in a press release.

Hasbro licenses Top Trumps to create city-themed Monopoly boards. Boise is among Kansas City, Brooklyn, Scottsdale that are getting city-themed board this calendar year, Top Trumps said.

Monopoly has been on toy-store shelves since 1935 taking place in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The board ranks city property from the cheapest available to the most expensive.

KTVB talked to people in downtown Boise to gauge their thoughts on the original Monopoly board and the changes they would make to a Boise edition.

"Honestly, I cannot think of a lot of spots I would put in the brown [cheap property] for Boise," commercial real estate developer Joshua Waitman said. "I think railroads should be parks. You gotta incorporate the parks somewhere."

Three people stopped to play Monopoly with KTVB and offer suggestions to replace the spots they landed on with a Boise-specific choice. Every single person placed 8th street on different sides of the board,

"8th street downtown is a simple one to say. You got your high-end property right there," Waitman said. "For the light blue [2nd cheapest property], I'm going to say Collister and State. Let's say that."

Boise Resident Megan Miller works at a local advertising agency and suggested her company would offer a Boise Monopoly board as a gift for clients. She suggested a few adaptations of her own for middle-tier real estate game plots.

"The Bench," Miller said. "Rose Hill is too nice though. Let’s call this Kootenai."

One Boise woman, Rachael Strong, landed her first roll on the lowest-rank property.

"This feels like it would just be shots fired. It has to be a dive bar off State Street, right?" Strong said. "I don't even feel I could put a name to this because it feels rude. No one wants this property."

Boise Metro Chamber CEO Bill Connors supports the official creation of a Boise Monopoly board.

"A Boise version of the beloved Monopoly game is a fantastic opportunity to bring the community together, and it is a reflection of the vibrancy of our city," Connors said in a joint press release with Top Trumps. "From the Greenbelt to the Foothills and everything in between, let's work together to make this game emblematic of what it means to live and work in the City of Trees."

Top Trumps is asking locals to submit suggestions for landmarks; the company added that everything is up for consideration. The game is also looking to create Boise-themed community chest and chance cards.

Suggestions can be sent to Top Trumps through the following email address until Oct. 1: Boise@toptrumps.com.

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