BOISE, Idaho — If you are traveling out of the Boise Airport, you can now reserve a parking space ahead of your trip.

Reserved spaces can now be booked on the airport’s website, or on the ParkMobile app. That's the same app residents use to pay for metered parking in downtown Boise.

Airport officials say there will be 23 spaces available for reservation in the short-term parking garage, near the terminal entrance. There is a $3.50 reservation fee charged at the time of book and standard short-term parking rates will apply, $21.50 per day or $2.00 per hour.

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"We have heard from many frequent travelers in our community that they would be willing to pay a little more to ensure a close-in parking space is available for their next trip", said Boise Airport Director Rebecca Hupp. "This gives passengers a new option, while still offering low parking rates throughout the remainder of our facilities."

The airport's multi-tiered pricing structure for parking includes the following prices and capacity.

Parking Location          Rate                             Total Spaces
Economy Parking Lot     $7.50/day, $2.00/hour  1,328
Long-Term Parking Lot   $9/day, $2.00/hour       597
Long-Term Parking Garage    $11.50/day, $2.00/hour    1,767
Short-Term Parking    $21.50/day, $2.00/hour          558
Reserved Parking      $3.50 Res. Fee, $21.50/day, $2.00/hour     23

The Boise Airport is the largest airport in the state. Nearly four million passengers travel through the airport each year.