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West Valley Medical Center donates life-saving device to city pool

Caldwell's pool now has an automated external defibrillator to assist people with sudden life-threatening heart problems.

CALDWELL, Idaho — Caldwell's city pool opened Wednesday with some new potentially life-saving equipment.

West Valley Medical Center donated an automated external defibrillator, or AED, to the pool.

Canyon County Paramedics were there training staff how to use the device in an emergency.

AED's are meant to increase survival rates for people who are suffering from sudden life-threatening heart conditions.

“It detects a heart rhythm that needs to be shocked back into its normal rhythm, step by step through the process while you're doing CPR,” said Amber Craig with West Valley Medical Center.

"This was a very, very generous donation on the part of West Valley Medical Center. AED's are not inexpensive by any means which is one of the limiting factors in getting these out to the community,” said Steve Blados, Deputy Chief, Canyon County Paramedics.

West Valley say the AED package is worth more than $2,000.