MELBA, Idaho - A small Idaho community came together Thursday night for a family who lost a son earlier this week.

Brian Reyes, who graduated from Melba High School last year, was killed in a car crash.

There was a vigil for Brian on the football field and there was also a $2,000 check presented to his family to help cover his funeral expenses.

That money is coming from the senior party fund. The party is something the students saved for all year.

“He was just so nice to everyone, he just struck up a conversation with everyone, and everyone just loved him,” said Melba High senior Anneliese Helm.

Brian has left a lasting impression on fellow Mustangs. He was on the football and track teams, and was a friendly face in the school.

So when the seniors were asked if they wanted to help the Reyes family, the response was unanimous, they would give $2,000 raised for gifts that would have been given at the senior party to help the Reyes family instead.

Seniors and their parents are certainly proud of that decision.

“They deserve it because they didn’t deserve to lose a son like that early, and to get that money it’s just a perfect way to end our senior year,” said Melba High senior Larry Albarez.

“We’ve been blessed to live in this community where these kids have seen the community come together in times when there’s been a need, and now that they’re young adults they know what to do, they know how to be generous, they know how to be kind and compassionate, and they’re ready to pay it forward. That is so true about this class,” said parent Chanall Astle.