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7's Hero: Boise teenagers build tiny squirrel picnic tables to brighten spirits during coronavirus pandemic

Jack England and Ryan Bohr said people love them, and they want to donate them to those who need some joy right now.

BOISE, Idaho — Boise teenagers Jack England and Ryan Bohr are neighbors, and they’re also students at Rocky Mountain High School. 

Right now, they have a lot of time on their hands. They are spending quarantine together. You could say they've found a new calling during the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing joy to others in the form of a tiny picnic table. 

But these tables aren’t for kids, they are for squirrels. Yes, you read that right. Squirrels. Seventeen-year-old Ryan said the idea came from his mom. 

“My mom wanted one for Mother’s Day, and she kept bugging me about it and wanting one,” Ryan laughed. “She saw a picture online and she said I really want one of those!” 

The boys made a prototype out of wood. It was easier than they thought, and it was fun, too. They even included a spot where you attach food for the squirrels, like a corn cob, apple, or a bowl of nuts. 

“They looked great, and we had an extra, so we gave it to a neighbor across the street. They ended up loving it,” Jack said. “Since people are loving this so much, we thought we can make more. People aren't in the greatest of situations right now, and they might need something like that, something to keep them happy.”

At last check, the boys had churned out over 160 of the tiny squirrel picnic tables. 

“It started out with just family and friends, and then our moms put it on Facebook marketplace and stuff like that, and people started to love them,” Ryan said. 

Their Facebook page is called Idaho Squirrel Picnics, and it’s growing in popularity. The boys also have an Instagram account. Their mini tables are getting a lot of attention. 

“We spend most of our time just getting them made and delivering them,” said England. “We just drop them off on their doorstep, no contact deliveries, you know.” 

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The boys saw how much people liked them, and decided to start donating the tables to those who need a little joy in their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We are donating and giving back to people that can't go outside right now, or maybe have health conditions,”  Jack said.

So far, they have installed the tables at local nursing homes. The residents and staff were thrilled. People love to watch the squirrels sit down for a meal at the little tables. The boys say they want to donate many more. 

“Since there is the lockdown, the quarantine, some people can't even go outside. So, just to be able to donate some and make sure people can be happy - that's all that matters!” Ryan exclaimed.

The boys say people love the tables, but the squirrels are even bigger fans. 

“They love them. On our Facebook page, people share their squirrels on the tables, and there are tons of photos! So, we think they love them!” Jack said.

It seems Jack and Ryan are making squirrels, and people, pretty happy with this tiny table.

The tables cost $25, but as you read, the boys want to donate them to more nursing homes, or those in need.  

The boys are also giving 10% of their sales this coming week to Idaho Gives. 

If you want to order a table or request a donation, you can contact them on Facebook or Instagram @squirreltablesidaho. You can also email them at idahosquirrelpicnics@gmail.com.  

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