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Meridian surrogate prepares to give birth ahead of Mother's Day

Kaylee, a Meridian mother of three, understands the joys of motherhood and is excited to help a California couple grow their family.

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Ahead of Mother's Day, a Meridian mother is giving the ultimate gift to a family in California: a child of their own.

Ever since Kaylee of Meridian was a teenager, she has always wanted to be a surrogate. She felt it was a calling of hers and has felt that way from a very young age.

This Mother's Day, she decided to do just that: she is the surrogate mother for a family in California.

"I really wanted to give this gift to another family," Kaylee said. "Like any other family who chooses to have a surrogate have been through a ton of fertility struggles, just up and down roller coaster rides. It is the best feeling in the world to be able to do this, to open your heart and open your family to this experience."

The mother of three understands the joys of motherhood and is excited to help the California couple grow their family.

"To give this gift to this family is priceless and the ultimate gift," Kaylee said. "I cannot imagine not being able to have my own child and so to be able to help someone else out, it's a great, wonderful thing."

Kaylee is due in just a couple of weeks. She wants people to have open hearts and minds about surrogacy.

Surrogates are not in it for the money, according to Kaylee, and it's a life-changing experience for both the surrogate and the families of the child.

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