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Idaho noxious weed officials warn of poison hemlock

Poison hemlock can be fatal to humans and livestock.
Poison hemlock flowers

MERIDIAN -- Idaho noxious weed officials are warning people in Idaho to be on the lookout for poison hemlock, which is now said to be in full growth around the state.

Poison hemlock is a dangerous noxious weed that has been documented as being fatal to humans and all classes of livestock. Though highly toxic, officials said it is very easy to control and eradicate with hand pulling and the use of herbicide treatments.

Officials with the Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign advise people to always wear rubber gloves and protective clothing/gear when pulling this weed and place the plant into a plastic bag and dispose of it into a trash receptacle. When using an herbicide to control and eradicate Poison Hemlock, officials said to use an approved herbicide and always follow the label and safety instructions on that label.

Residents can also seek technical assistance to get rid of poison hemlock and other noxious weeds by contacting their county weed superintendent located under county government in the phone book. They can also log on to the Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign's website here.