CALDWELL, Idaho — A grass fire along Interstate-84, near the Middleton Exit at milepost 25, has been contained.

According to Canyon County Dispatch, the fire was first reported at about 3:15 p.m. and was contained around 4:30 p.m.

Caldwell Fire Battalion Chief Bud Bryson warns people to check weather conditions before starting a burn fire.

"Be careful with your burning, check with DEQ to see if it's a burn day. If it's windy like it is today, it's very dry, the wind will pick the fire up," he said. 

He says windy and dry weather conditions did not make putting the grass fire out any easier.

"We had a wind change while we were out here fighting the fire, and it made it really difficult," Bryson said. "So as we get closer to the Fourth of July, just be very, very careful with the conditions the way they are. Things are gonna continue to dry out even more."

A homeowner near the fire, Donna Marshall, says she wasn't too worried about the fire as she watched it grow.

"I didn't worry about it coming across the road unless there was maybe embers, but there didn't seem to be any embers flying," she said.

Marshall jokingly said that she wouldn't mind if the fire did spread to her pasture.

"It would save me some money if the fire would have taken out my pasture, I wouldn't have to have it mowed," she joked.

Fire crews from the Middleton Fire Department, Star Fire District, Caldwell Fire and Sandhollow Fire worked to contain the grass fire.

The fire did not injure anyone or damage any structures but it did come close to a residential subdivision, according to Bryson.

Investigators are still determining what caused the fire.

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