MERIDIAN, Idaho — From the sidewalk, Adele Reed's home appears to be mostly intact from a fire that happened earlier this week, but inside, nearly all of Reed and her family's belongings are destroyed. The family is now trying to start over with almost nothing left.

Both Reed and her daughter Kasey Martinez said they were barely able to grab any items to save. Martinez was able to grab the laptop off her bed and her phone. While Reed only ran out with what she was wearing.

The inside of Reed's home is burnt black from smoke and the heat of the flames. Furniture is ruined, the living room TV is a pool of melted plastic and what the fire didn't touch is destroyed by smoke damage. The fire is believed to be started by an extension cord in the living room.

The family also lost their cat in the fire.

"There's not one inch of this house that isn't covered," Kasey Martinez said. The daughter of Reed.

Now, Reed, Martinez, and her grandson Antonio are digging through the ruins of their home to pick up the pieces.

"Those are pictures we're hoping we're able to save," Martinez said, pointing to family photos that were in the house.

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These photos are what Reed and her family are trying to salvage.

"We're going to try," Martinez said.

Martinez's youngest son, Gabe, was at a friend's house the night of the fire but still has almost nothing left from the fire.

The three that were home during the fire barely made it out of the blaze alive.

"The smoke was so intense that another 30 seconds to a minute, the smoke wouldn't taken us out," Martinez said.

But thanks to Antonio's quick actions, everyone got out of the home before it was too late.

"I heard the alarms go off and I saw the glow of the fire coming down the hallway so I woke up my mom and my grandma," he said.

His mother and grandmother can only think of one word to call him - hero.

"Oh my, he is a hero, completely and I said he is going to have to get used to that because I will be calling him that for a long long time," Reed said.

The family is also crediting having a working smoke detector in their house. Without that, Antonio wouldn't have heard the alarms. They urge others to make sure theirs are working.

If you want to help the family, you can donate to their GoFundMe here or you can donate items at 732 North Abernathy in Meridian. 

The family told KTVB the community support has been overwhelming already. They have received clothing items and gift cards from strangers and friends alike.