BOISE, Idaho — The largest statewide study ever conducted on education and the economy in Idaho is now complete.

The study, conducted by Idaho Business for Education and Hewlett-Packard, surveyed about 2,000 people, including business owners, parents, teachers, school boards and superintendents between February and June of this year.

Some of the biggest findings of those surveyed include the broad consensus that long-term investment in Idaho's students is key.

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Across all regions of Idaho, early literacy is seen as key to improving early childhood education and longer-term educational outcomes.

And a majority of Idaho's businesses are willing to pay for job training.

"What was very important to us is that this was not just about Boise. This was not just about Twin Falls. This was not just about Coeur d'Alene. This was about the whole state," said Gus Schmedlen, HP’s vice president for worldwide education.

"And the thing that was not obvious is that businesses are the ones that students need these non-cognitive skills over job skills."

Non-cognitive skills are traits like conscientiousness, perseverance, and teamwork -- sometimes called "soft" skills that aren't specific to a particular job.

HP says they'll publish all of their findings come August, including region-specific information.