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Boise Stage Stop makes sure truck drivers get a thanksgiving meal

While many folks are spending this Thanksgiving with loved ones. For some people, that's not always possible.

BOISE, Idaho — Being with friends and family, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gratitude.. that's what Thanksgiving is all about. However, sometimes people are far away from loved ones. So at the Boise Stage Stop, a well known truck stop between Boise and Mountain Home, this time of the year is all about appreciation. Appreciation for the truck drivers who pass through.

"It's nice to know that people still do care," said truck driver Clay Barry.

The Boise Stage Stop was originally called The Regina Store and was founded by Postmaster Joseph Boyle in the early 1900's. Times have changed, and so has the name but for 18 years now the Boise Stage Stop has served free Thanksgiving meals to truck drivers and working during the holiday's is something truck driver David Rau knows all about.

 He's a CDL driver and has been passing through the Boise Stage Stop for more than two decades. His wife is also the General Manager at the Boise Stage Stop and on Thursday he made sure he could be there. 

"It's a big deal to have this when they can't be with their family members," said Rau. "It has a certain spot in my heart."

Fellow truck driver Kelly Willis is also grateful for the free meal. He said that this Thanksgiving gesture means the world to him.

"It means everything because we spend so much time on the road," said Willis. "A lot of times we don't have a place where we can be with our families. So having a place where we can come and be treated like family is priceless."

That's a sentiment that Barry also agrees with.

"They give up their time to be with their families to support us, so we need to support them," said Barry.

The Boise Stage Stop was packed with truck drivers who wanted a hot meal complete with family style ambiance. For an extra special touch, today's meal was also accompanied with a raffle... just to add a spot of fun. There were a lot of items given away; soda, popcorn and even things that drivers often need on the fly, like gloves. The truck stop really went out of their way this holiday, like the 18 years prior, to make everyone feel at home and give them a little something to hit the road with.

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