Do you live in Idaho? Do you like cash?

Well, you're going to like this news from the Idaho State Treasurer's Office.

There's a ton of cash just waiting to be claimed. More than $150 million of it.

The agency put out a call Friday for people to visit its unclaimed property website to see if they're entitled to any of the money.

The treasurer's office says companies that can't locate the rightful owners of the funds transfer millions to the Unclaimed Property Program every year, and that individuals, estates, businesses, churches and charities could have money waiting for them.

The treasurer's office has made it easy to search for unclaimed assets. Just enter your name, or the name of your business, and boom - you'll find out if you're in for a financial boost.

And better yet, it's free - so you won't have to spend any of the cash you already know you have to discover if you're entitled to more.