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You Can Grow It: Best plants and trees to buy for gorgeous fall colors

Fall in Idaho often brings amazing colors to the Gem State's shrubs and trees, turning their leaves into dazzling oranges, reds and golds.

BOISE, Idaho — While fall weather blasts through the Treasure Valley, fall colors will only stick around the City of Trees for so long. KTVB garden master Jim Duthie spoke to experts on how Idahoans can buy and plant trees now to get gorgeous fall colors at home next year.

Fall in Idaho often brings amazing colors to the Gem State's shrubs and trees, turning their leaves into dazzling oranges, reds and golds.

“One of my favorites is actually an Idaho native. This is an Amelanchier, more commonly known as a serviceberry. And they actually get a little edible berry on them. People make jams and jellies out of them. But they have a gorgeous orangish-red fall color," Chris Owings, the manager of the Zamzows on ChiNden Boulevard, told KTVB.

Serviceberries can fit into any home's landscape and produce coppery red colors during the fall.

The tupelo, or black gum, is another option for homeowners looking for a larger tree, which is easy to take care of and doesn't need much watering.

“It’s not an Idaho native. This tree is actually native to coastal Oregon. But it does very well in our desert climate," Owings said. “It starts out as a real fire-engine red, and then fades to this yellow-orange.”

“I like this particular tree because of its size.  A lot of the newer homes have smaller front yards.  This is only going to get 15 tall and about 8 wide.  It still provides some shade, but it won’t overtake your landscape," Owings added.

Another option is the autumn blaze maple, which does well in different soils and lives in dry and wet conditions. Growing at a rate of three feet per year, it's also an excellent option for those wanting more fall colors sooner rather than later.

Crabapples are another option that brings both food for birds during the winter and the reddish bark will stand out on dreary winter days.

“They are a beautiful tree and they’re very hardy. They do very well in Idaho," Owings said. “Again, won’t overtake your yard.  And kind of multi-purpose - provide shade, feed the wildlife, great fall color, and great spring color.  They’re going to flower in the spring.”

For those with more space in their yards, a linden is another popular choice.

“Probably my favorite tree, in general, is a linden. I love the shape of them, great pyramidal shape, a nice gold fall color. The bloom is very attractive to bees in the early summer," Owings said.

Fall is a good time to buy a tree as many garden centers put theirs on sale during the fall but it's also a good time to plant a tree.

“Fall’s actually the best time to plant. The trees are growing roots, but not stressed about upward growth, so they’ll be more established come springtime," Owings said.

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