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Dog shot in head, recovering at Idaho Humane Society

The dog, named Baine, was found wounded and unable to walk.
Credit: Idaho Humane Society

BOISE, Idaho — A dog found earlier this week, unable to walk, is improving after apparently taking a bullet to the head.

In a Facebook post, the Idaho Humane Society says the dog, named Baine, was taken to a veterinarian after he was found on someone's property, believed to have been hit by a car.

All-Valley veterinarians found a small bullet wound between the dog's eyes. The Humane Society says the bullet missed Baine's brain, "or else this would have been a fatal wound." 

Vets have not determined if Baine suffered any neurological damage. X-rays show fragments spread throughout the dog's neck, and Baine has some swelling in his neck.

Credit: Idaho Humane Society

"He was unwilling to walk the first two days in our care," the Humane Society said. "However, he was finally able to walk on his own Wednesday morning, so his prognosis is looking good."

Vets are not recommending surgery for Baine because the fragments in his neck are small and hard to find.

Baine will continue being hospitalized in the care of the Idaho Humane Society until the swelling on his neck goes down. After that, the Humane Society will evaluate if he needs to be placed in a foster home or if he can proceed to the adoption floor.

The Idaho Humane Society asks anyone who would like to help provide medical care to Baine and other animals to consider donating. Information is on the IHS website.

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