BOISE, Idaho — The world is becoming more reliant new digital technologies and Google employees are traveling the country to help train people on the latest technologies.

Representatives from the tech-giant are in Boise and they are offering free one-on-one tech support and training for Idahoans.

It's called "Grow with Google," a partnership between Google and the American Library Association.

Essentially, Google employees are visiting several libraries in each state where they offer free, hands-on workshops.

Attendees can learn anything from putting a resume together on Google Docs, tracking job searches through spreadsheets, and for business owners, making sure your business pops up first when doing a Google search.

Idaho is Google's 19th stop on its tour of the 50 states.

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"53 percent of the jobs in Idaho are what we call middle-skill jobs," Katherine Williams with Google said. "That means that you need a high school education, not necessarily a four-year college degree, and of those jobs, 82 percent require digital skills training. Those middle-skill jobs on average pay about 20 dollars per hour."

Google's free classes will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday at the Boise Public Library in downtown Boise.

"We are looking for anyone whether you are just starting out on your business journey or you are a more sophisticated business, we are looking for anyone and everyone," Williams said.

You can pre-register for the free classes here.

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