BOISE, Idaho — Bronco Nation, you now have a chance to buy a piece of the previous edition of The Blue - but you'll have to act fast.

Previously, the university stated that they would not be selling any pieces of the old turf, unlike the last time the blue turf was replaced in 2010.

On Monday, the university announced that they will be selling 500 one-square-foot pieces of the old turf at $39.95 each at the unveiling of the sixth edition of blue turf on Wednesday.

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To buy a piece of Boise State football history, you'll have to be there in person, there are no announced plans to sell it online. However, that may change, depending on how the initial sell goes.

Sales of the turf will go back towards Boise State Athletics, but some of the funds will go towards scholarships since the Bronco Shop will be selling it.