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Record number of female wrestlers compete at Rollie Lane tournament

Girls' wrestling is not a sanctioned sport in Idaho, but that didn't stop the 85 girls from several northwestern states from competing in one of the top high school wrestling tournaments in Nampa

In 2018, four girls competed at the Rollie Lane wrestling tournament, which hosts more than 60 high school teams from across the northwest.

One year later, that number grew to 85.

Even more impressive? Wrestling is not a sanctioned sport in the state of Idaho.

Not yet, anyway.

Just across the border at Ontario High School in Oregon, where girls' wrestling is already a sanctioned sport, the Tigers have seen a significant increase in numbers over the past several years.

This weekend, the Tigers had 13 girls on the roster at Rollie Lane.

"We saw our average at our high school go from four to six wrestlers a year," head coach Shawn Grove said. "I have 13 wrestlers wrestling for me this year, so with it being sanctioned, it gives them a clear path to a state title."

That Oregon state wrestling title is within reach.

The Tigers won Rollie Lane, beating a talented Post Falls squad.

"Now, to see the base at Rollie, the Jaybird Memorial [tournament], Capital [tournament], to see Idaho taking that next step is huge. Huge."

Dozens of Idaho female athletes competed this weekend from schools across the state, including Kuna, Homedale, Timberline, Mountain View, Lakeland, Nampa, Minico and Idaho Falls.

Check out the winners below:


98lbs - 108lbs

1st - Nayeli Flores-roque (Walla Walla) 

2nd - Riley Holland (Rogers)

3rd - Nicole Rue (Pocatello) 

4th - Bella Gulzow (LaGrande) 

5th - Ashleigh Creeger (Central Valley) 

6th - Amber Allen (Homedale) 

113lbs - 120lbs

1st - Brelane Huber (Post Falls) 

2nd - Lita Burgaracruz (Rocky Mountain) 

3rd - Frankie Graham (Minico) 

4th - Nat Dalan (Walla Walla) 

5th - Savannah Kidwell (Lakeland) 

6th - Kawehi Beck (Aberdeen)

126lbs - 132lbs

1st - Brigid Shannon (Idaho Falls) 

2nd - Annelise Whitaker (Walla Walla) 

3rd - Kaydince Turner (Homedale) 

4th - Bethany White (Melba) 

5th - Aliana Giddings (Kuna) 

6th - Kaci Bice (Borah)

135lbs - 145lbs

1st - Jaselyn Jones (Post Falls)

2nd - Tyler Richardson (Vale) 

3rd - Jen Adams (Capital)

4th - Taylor Cook (Post Falls) 

5th - Mercedes Ellison (Timberline) 

6th - Brittney Benavidez (Grangeville)

152lbs - 170lbs

1st - Hailey jo Ahsumhs (Moutain View) 

2nd - Noelle Acosta (Nyssa) 

3rd - Shekinah Talamantez (Nampa) 

4th - Shelby Menga (Central Valley) 

5th - Anni Austin (Timberlake) 

6th - Jasmine Lopez (Ontario)

182lbs - 285lbs

1st - Abby Osei (Ontario) 

2nd - Aiyana Luna (Ontario) 

3rd - Brianna Hettinga (Kuna) 

4th - Mary Galindo (Ontario) 

5th - Maya Luna (Ontario) 

6th - Maritza Gonzalez (Ontario)


1. Ontario 

2. Post Falls 

3. Walla Walla

4. Kuna  

5. Homedale

6. Idaho Falls

7. Mountain View

8. Central Valley

9. Minico

10. Lakeland

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