MIDDLETON, Idaho — Lots of questions are still swirling around Middleton Mayor Darin Taylor regarding his future with the city.  This after his arrest on a domestic battery charge nearly two weeks ago.  

The last we heard from the mayor he was taking some time off, but apparently that's not the case.  

KTVB went to Middleton Thursday to ask him about new information we've learned about the night of his arrest. 

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Our crew was parked outside of city hall for the better part of the day.

We are told that Mayor Taylor has been back at the office since Monday, but despite several attempts on our part of talk to him, we've been told he's been in meetings all day and therefore unavailable.

His apparent return to work comes just one week after the city council unanimously voted to ask Taylor to resign.

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The council's “no-confidence” vote happened after his arrest on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge.

KTVB obtained the affidavit of probable cause detailing what happened the night of his arrest.

In that document, investigators say Taylor called 911 because his sister-in-law would not leave his house. Taylor's wife tried to leave after that and that's when it says Taylor grabbed her arm and would not let go.

The affidavit also mentions another incident that happened the week prior to the arrest. It says Taylor grabbed his wife by the throat.

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Again, KTVB has reached out to the mayor, but have not yet got a response.

In a letter posted on the city of Middleton's website he apologized for the embarrassment, calling what happened "sobering and unexpected."

Taylor made his first court appearance earlier this month and pleaded not guilty.

He is expected back in court on April 25.