While hundreds showed up Tuesday at Deer Flat Church to meet with Sens. Jim Risch and Mike Crapo, the senators took fewer than 10 questions from he crowd.

The discussion centered on America's relationship with Israel and how that relationship affects national security.

"There are a number of security threats globally that are developing relating to our national security and I think every American understands the threat to our own national security that is represented by the inability of the community of nations to find a pathway to permanent peace in the Middle East," said Crapo.

Both senators say Israel is a major ally of the United States and that it's crucial that Idahoans understand the importance of a strong and positive relationship.

"The adversarial relationship between those countries is a problem that we've had to deal with decade after decade in the Middle East, and until those things get resolved, until they settle down there's no question that America is going to be involved in that so it's important that Idaho people stay aware of what's happening there," Risch said.