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Warm, rainy weather causes rockfalls along Highway 95, seriously damaging a truck

If you're driving on Highway 95 near Riggins, make sure to use extra caution and look out for rockfalls.
Credit: Idaho Transportation Department

BOISE, Idaho — Thanks to warm and rainy weather throughout Idaho, the Idaho Transportation Department is urging drivers to use extra caution and look out for rockfalls when driving on Highway 95 near Riggins.

On Friday, a rock fell from above Highway 95 south of Riggins and onto a pickup truck, folding up the front end like paper. Officials at the Idaho Transportation Department said no one seriously injured in the crash.

The driver of the truck told KTVB that there was no way for him to avoid the rock before the crash. 

It is unknown how many other rockfalls have happened on Idaho's highways or how common it is.

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Credit: Idaho Transportation Department

WEATHER FORECAST: A break in the rain until tomorrow evening with another storm for Saturday night

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