The weight of the winter snow is causing roofs to cave in across the region.

Weiser might just be experiencing some of the worst of it.

The roof of the Ridley's grocery store in Weiser caved in this morning.

Steve Penner, a spokesman for Weiser Police and Washington County Disaster Services, said police got the call just after 11 this morning. He says the grocery store was closed at the time of collapse.

Penner says there was a crew of 12 people on the roof shoveling the snow off when someone noticed the roof was sinking in. He says everyone was able to get off the roof in time before it completely collapsed around 11:40 a.m.

No one was hurt and the grocery store was closed at the time. But this is still going to cause some big problems for people living in town, even after the snow is gone.

"Ridley's is our main grocery store in town,” said Penner. “We have a couple of convenience stores but it will definitely be an inconvenience because people have to go to Payette and Ontario, at least for the near future."

Penner says Ridley's is also one of two pharmacies in Weiser, so the other one going is to be very busy. He says not much of the supermarket is salvageable. The roof caved in along the entire length of the store and about two thirds of the way in.

This is just latest building collapse in Weiser, which has seen its share of commercial and residential building buckle under the weight of snow. Earlier this month, the roof on the Weiser Lanes Bowling Alley gave way.

Right now people are being advised to stay home and off the streets because there's so much snow.

"This is really unusual this doesn't happen," said Penner. "The resources and the manpower, city crews have been working almost nonstop to keep the roads clear and haul the snow off in the city streets."

Now, Washington County officials are concerned about flooding. Commissioners have declared a state of emergency in order to have more resources available to them to help tackle this.