BOISE — As the price of housing in Boise continues to rise, so does the number of homeless people living in the city.

But there is no shortage of people in our community who want to help.

Every Saturday morning before the sun comes up, you'll find a dedicated group of volunteers working hard - making homemade breakfast burritos. Lots of them.

One of the stops they make every Saturday is at Corpus Christi House, a homeless day shelter in Boise.

"We're Open Hand, Open Heart," volunteer Jillian Hanes said. "We're an outreach ministry group of Life Church. We feed the homeless, we bring burritos, breakfast burritos every Saturday morning.

"It's a stabilizing factor," she added. "They can count on us every Saturday."

The Saturday morning burritos are a hit with the people who rely on the shelter for their meals.

"All I have to say is 'burritos today' and they line right up," said Corpus Christi House co-founder Henry Krewer. "They love it, they are like 'oh, the burrito people are here!'"

These volunteers make about 200 breakfast burritos every week. They operate soley on donations from others, including City Hope Food Pantry.

For Corpus Christi House, this weekly act of kindness means the world.

"We depend very much on the generosity of the city of Boise," Krewer said. "It's not only Christians, it's the synagogue, the Muslim community, it's the Boise community. It's a great place to live."

Those who benefit from that generosity show their appreciation to the volunteers.

"They are just so happy we're here," Hanes said. "Some people just stop us and say 'God bless you,' some people offer to pay for the burritos and we say 'nope, this is what we do.'"