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7's HERO: "The Tortilla Lady" combines homemade tortillas and her grandmother's tradition to help nonprofits and families in need

Gracie Medina of Caldwell has a heart for others. She calls herself "The Tortilla Lady" and blesses people in need with her tortilla fundraisers.

CALDWELL, Idaho — Gracie Medina of Caldwell is a proud wife and mother, she works at a bank and calls herself "The Tortilla Lady." She has a gift passed down from her grandma, making homemade tortillas.

"I'm Gracie, the tortilla lady," said Medina with a big smile. 

It's her grandma's traditional family recipe. She uses that gift to bless others in our community. Medina organizes tortilla fundraisers. She makes them by the dozen, and sells them. Then, she donates the cash she earns to people in need from around the community. 

"I know we are all struggling," said Medina. "The reward for me is sharing these tortillas, sharing what I grew up with!"

Recently, she chose the Boise nonprofit The Blessing Bike as the recipient of her fundraising efforts. Jill and Wade Houser started the nonprofit, a few years ago. It was inspired by Jill's mother, Rosemary Sorce, who was in her nineties. They wanted to take her for bike rides. So, Jill's husband Wade built a cargo bike so they could do just that. The idea took off. Rosemary has since passed, but they proudly carry on the nonprofit as her legacy. 

"The Blessing Bike is a nonprofit organization and we provide access to passenger bikes for people with disabilities and the elderly," said Jill Houser. "Gracie contacted us through Facebook and said that she had done tortilla fundraisers for people. She was wondering if we would like her to participate in a fundraiser for us as well." 

The Housers were so touched by her generous offer, Medina says something about The Blessing Bike touched her heart.

"After reading more on Facebook, and seeing The Blessing Bike's photos and videos, something just spoke to me," said Medina. "A lot has to do with my grandmother." 

Her Grandma Josephine passed away last year, she is Medina's inspiration.

"Tortillas are something that we grew up with, and she left that recipe to us as a stamp to remember her," Medina told KTVB. "She never measured... she always just threw in her special recipe. With grandma leaving that behind, being hispanic, and all that tradition, I just wanted something different to offer, and making these flour tortillas, that's what it was."

That's why she calls herself Gracie, The Tortilla Lady. She dedicated an entire Saturday to making tortillas to benefit The Blessing Bike. 

"We posted it on my social media, and it just went from there and I was taking orders," said Medina. "I ended up making 420 tortillas! I'm in the kitchen all day, making the dough, rolling them out, cooking and flipping, then packaging them. Then I load up my vehicle and start delivering. That way they can have their fresh warm homemade tortillas that same day." 

Medina says the best part of making her grandma's tortillas, is the feeling that she is close, and knowing she is carrying on her tradition.  

"She is with me," Medina said. 

Grandma Josephine's tortillas earned hundreds of dollars for The Blessing Bike. Gracie's husband and kids went with her to drop off the donation to the Housers. They were so touched by her heart to give!  

"Gracie's contribution will really help The Blessing Bike continue on," said Wade Houser. 

Medina hopes to help even more people in the future. 

"I would love to reach out to families in need or even nonprofits," said Medina. "Because It doesn't cost a thing to be kind and show others love and support." 

Gracie Medina is spreading love one tortilla at a time.  

"It's just who I am." 

If you'd like to reach out to Gracie about her tortilla fundraisers, you can do that by emailing her at givinggracetortillas@gmail.com

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