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7’s Hero: Meridian girl starts her own kindness movement to spread love and joy

Nine-year-old Jaclyn Gomez noticed pain and division in the community so she started a Facebook page to inspire others to unite in kindness.

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Nine-year-old Jaclyn Gomez is just like many kids, she noticed the strain from the pandemic, and political issues and events happening in our country right now. 

“She was really concerned about all of the things going on right now, there is a lot of hurt and pain going on in this world,” Paul Gomez, Jaclyn’s dad, said. “So, she approached us and asked why that was happening, and what we can do to make a difference.”

It's all so hard to understand for kids, but she told her parents that she wanted to do something to bring joy and love to people in our community.

“I came up with this little project idea because one night I was watching the news, which is actually you guys, and I saw a lot of sadness in this world and I thought I had an idea to make a difference,” Jaclyn recalled. “So, that night I made 12 love cards and I asked my mom and dad if we could buy a dozen roses to hand out to people and they agreed. We handed them out to people who just need love.”

Jaclyn's love cards and flowers were such a hit, she decided to do something bigger - pizza.

“We got sponsored by Little Caesars, so we decided to hand out pizza to the police,” Jaclyn explained. “It was really exciting to see all those police officers smile, it was really special. We went to the hospitals, and we went to dispatch. They were really grateful and touched and it made me smile. It makes me really happy.”

Jaclyn decided she wanted to create a Facebook page to share what she was up to with other kids and adults, in need of hope. 

“It's called Kids with a z and the number four and then uniting,” she said.  

Kidz4Uniting is bringing kids and people of all ages together. 

“We post a lot about the stuff that we do out in the community, and it's just really special that I get to share those pictures and videos with people,” she said. “I really hope my page inspires other people to go out and make a change too. It's important that I share the love with people.”  

Her parents are so proud and said she was born with a huge heart. 

“She has always had this little servant's heart to go out there and show love and kindness to everybody,” Allie Gomez, Jaclyn’s mom, said. “We were really excited when she came up with this whole idea. We were a little nervous, I'm not going to lie. We weren't sure what everyone's response would be especially with COVID going on, but we took precautions and wore masks and it's just amazing to see the response.” 

Jaclyn has handed out love notes, flowers and pizza to our police, firefighters, first responders, doctors, nurses, to people at community events, and people simply walking the streets.  

“She wants to go out there and touch everybody! She has met so many amazing people,” Allie Gomez said. “Just really proud of her. She inspires and teaches us adults what we should be doing out in this world right now, she's all about uniting and showing love, as a mom it's a beautiful thing to see we're just so blessed by her teaching us too! How we should be living life.”

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Jaclyn has a message for those reading this now.  

“You got this everyone, try to make a change,” Jaclyn said. 

This little girl with a huge heart, says she big plans to keep this up for a long time to come. She already has ideas to make the holidays extra special. 

“I want to see more love in this world,” she said. 

You can follow Jaclyn's adventures in kindness and love by following her Facebook page, Kidz4Uniting.

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