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Pocatello High School featured in 'Ghost Hunters' season premiere

The A&E show aired a video taken from the high school's security camera and now 'Poky' high is selling "We have spirits, yes we do..." t-shirts.
Credit: A&E video on Youtube "Ghost Hunters Sneak Peek Returns Wednesday August 21st at 9P"
Pocatello High School featured on the sneak peek of the TV show "Ghost Hunters"

POCATELLO, Idaho — An Idaho high school's security camera footage that appears to capture paranormal activity aired in the Aug. 21 season premiere of "Ghost Hunters." 

The TV show follows professional ghost hunters around the country as they investigate unexplained supernatural phenomena.

"I am the principal at Pocatello High School, and I really need your help," Lisa Delonas told professional paranormal investigators in A&E's sneak peek trailer of "Ghost Hunters".  

In the trailer, Delonas recalls the high school's ghost-related late-night incident involving a security alarm, lights going on and off all over the high school and security footage with an unusual blurred shadow. 

In response to the national attention, Pocatello High School started selling "We have Spirits, Yes we do" t-shirts for ten dollars, according to the school's Instagram account. The students return to school on August 26, according to the school's website. 

Delonas said in the "Ghost Hunters" trailer that she had received a call from the police the night of the ghost event after the school security alarm was triggered. When she pulled up that night she saw "lots of police cars" and they told her, "when we got here the lights were going crazy," Delonas said in the A&E trailer (see it below).  

After discussing the proper procedures to check the school for suspicious activity Delonas said told the Ghost Hunters crew that she walked through the building with officials, locked everything up and didn't find anyone.

The next day, Delonas and the school's administrators combed through the security footage. "All the lights are just going crazy and then I noticed something on one of the screens," Delonas said in the trailer. 

The footage showed a shadow moving from a bathroom entrance to the center of the hallway and numerous electrical disturbances. After investigation, professional paranormal researchers claimed this footage appears to show a ghost-like apparition.    

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