GARDEN VALLEY — Garden Valley teachers and faculty members went back to school Thursday afternoon to learn what to do in case of an active shooter, and what to do in case of an emergency while waiting for help to arrive.

School officials unveiled their "Stop the Bleed" buckets to faculty members.

Each bucket has basic first-aid materials and will be placed in every classroom at county schools in Garden Valley, along with Horseshoe Bend and Idaho City.

Two triage kits will also be housed at each school.

“As a first responder, we carry tools on us all the time, but we’re not always in the school, whereas the teachers and staff always are,” Boise County Sheriff's Office Senior Deputy Robert Hastie said. “In a rural community such as ours where response times can be extended, it's important to equip the people on scene with the tools needed to address the situation.”

Boise County received $8,700 in FEMA grant money to purchase the materials for the “Stop the Bleed” buckets.

“We hope to never have to use it, but as the motto goes, it's better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it,” Bob Showalter, Boise County emergency manager, said.

Students and parents will also receive training once school resumes on Monday.