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Deadly shooting not captured on store surveillance video

Deadly shooting not captured on store surveillance video

BOISE Ada County prosecutors are getting close to wrapping up their case against Rob Hall, the man accused of murdering a man having an affair with his wife.

The victim is Emmett Corrigan and he was shot last March outside a Meridian Walgreens.

The shooting happened in a public place, a store parking lot, but it was on the side of the building, with really no one in the parking lot but the victim, the defendant, and his wife, Kandi Hall.

She has testified that she didn't see the actual shooting, and no other witnesses did either. Today surveillance video from the store was played in court which sheds some light on what happened before and after the shooting, but leaves a lot of questions too.

This is all from March 11, 2011. First, around 9 p.m., the defendant's wife, Kandi Hall, pulls into the lot, followed by victim Emmett Corrigan. Eight minutes later, Kandi Hall pulls into a parking spot and gets out of her car.

She's testified she got in Corrigan's truck, though we can't see that on the video. Then, just before 10 p.m., Rob Hall arrives and parks next to his wife's car. He goes inside the store, walks the aisles, goes back outside and walks around.

Just after 10 p.m., he moves his car to the other side of Kandi Hall's car, making it so you can't see the driver's side door.

At 10:12 p.m., Corrigan's truck returns, Hall's truck light goes on and then off. Someone uses a Redbox DVD rental kiosk and a car comes and goes. but nothing else, no Rob or Kandi Hall, no Emmett Corrigan.

At 10:23 p.m., 11 minutes after Corrigan's truck pulled in, the first officer arrives, running through the lot. And that's the end.

Before the prosecution finishes its case, the jury will get to see the crime scene in person.

We also heard testimony today from a firearms expert and a drug expert.

Corrigan was shot twice, once in the head, once in the chest. During the incident, Hall was also shot once.

In question is - who shot? When did they shoot? And what bullets hit who?

This morning, the doctor who performed Corrigan's autopsy testified, saying he can't tell if Corrigan was hit in the head or chest first, but knows when he was hit in the chest, he dropped immediately to the ground.

Additionally, he said it's impossible to know if the same bullet that grazed Hall in the head could have hit Corrigan, which is a defense expert theory that's been referenced but not fully explained.

Also today, the nurse who talked to Hall hours after the shooting testified, explaining Hall said he was shot and didn't offer much else when questioned.

I asked him if he had any specific concerns while he was in the hospital, and he said that he was in an argument and he didn't know what happened, said St. Alphonsus nurse Lorraine Jacoby-Torrey. I asked him if he had any... it's under exploitation comment regarding abuse and neglect, and he said,' I'm going through a divorce and I've been emotionally abused.

The drugs expert explained toxicology reports. Corrigan had positive tests for steroids and amphetamines, which could have been Adderall.

Rob Hall tested positive at the hospital to alcohol and a few drugs, but it's possible all could be explained with prescription meds.

The jury has the day off Thursday so attorneys can work some evidence issues out.

The trial resumes on Friday, which is when we'll pick back up with our coverage.