PARADISE, California — A couple originally from New Plymouth, Idaho, got caught up in the harrowing evacuations taking place in the town of Paradise, California, because of the deadly Camp Fire.

Vaughna Schooler said fires have come to the Paradise area before, but there's normally a little more warning before an evacuation is necessary. She was actually in the Paradise hospital when evacuating.

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On Wednesday, Schooler gave birth to her second child in a Paradise hospital. The next day, she said, the entire hospital was closing down because of fire danger.

"When I walked outside and was being escorted with my baby who's only 24 hours old to the back of a sheriffs' vehicle I could see flames coming up," said Schooler. "It was unreal."

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They are now safe in a nearby hospital in Chico. The family hasn't heard if their house is still standing or not, but Schooler said she does know several members of her extended family in the area lost everything but their lives.

"As difficult as it is thinking about not having anything to take our newborn daughter back home to, the fact that our family is safe, you know, just means so much more," Schooler said.

Schooler said they're counting their blessings. She also said they have gotten an incredible amount of support from family and friends.