BOISE, Idaho — It looks like the Idaho State Capitol Building will get the rainbow treatment during Boise Pride Fest after all.

Organizers announced in a Facebook post on Thursday that they had reached their $7,500 fundraising goal thanks to donation matches from Huntington, Oregon-based Hotbox Farms and Boise-based Albertsons.

The plan, according to festival organizers, is to light up the Statehouse from afar.

The fundraising effort began after the group was told that they would not be allowed to illuminate the exterior of the Capitol Building - due to a new state policy change.

WOW. Hotbox Farms announced their donation match and Albertsons came in to finish the goal! Thank you everyone for your support - we are currently funded to light the Capitol and give an amazing...

And it's not just the Boise Pride Fest being affected by the policy change; No groups are allowed to illuminate the building because of what the state says is an overwhelming number of requests.

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Joseph Kibbe, who sits on the Boise Pride Fest Board of Directors, told KTVB earlier this week that they will most likely light the Capitol from the park across the street, an option that is more expensive.

"One of the options we have discussed with our lighting engineers is high-intensity lights that are designed and powerful enough to cancel out the wash effect from the capitol lights," Kibbe said.

A record 70,000 people are expected to turn out for Boise's 30th Annual Pride Fest on June 15.