MALHEUR COUNTY -- An armed man was shot and killed with his own gun after investigators say he showed up at a campsite in Malheur County early Tuesday morning.

The incident happened at about midnight along the Owyhee River, about a mile from the popular Snively Hot Springs.

According to the Malheur County Sheriff's Office, a woman called 911, telling dispatchers she had been flagged down by a group of campers who told her they had been "jumped" by a man with a gun.

Sheriff's deputies and Oregon State Police responded to the scene, and determined that the armed man had driven into the campsite, which was occupied by two adults and three children.

One of the campers began to struggle with the man over the gun. The gun discharged during the struggle, investigators say, hitting and killing the man who had come into camp.

It's not clear whether the camper or the other man fired the gun. The man's name has not been released.

The campsite is being processed by the Malheur County Major Crimes Team and the Oregon State Police Crime Lab.