The day is finally here!

Several checks were presented today to charities that participated in 7Cares Idaho Shares this year.

Idahoans across the state pitched in to raise thousands and thousands of dollars.

For every dollar donated during Cares Day, local charities are able to generate four meals.

Some charities that benefited from Cares Day include the Jubilee House, the Salvation Army, the Boise Rescue Mission and the Idaho Foodbank.

Today, leadership with those organizations thanked the Idaho community for their generosity during Cares Day and shared the impact it has.

“It's fun to get out and be a part of it, but when you see these kinds of results and the real impact this is having on the community, just can’t be more appreciative to be a part of it," said Karen Vauk, CEO of the Idaho Foodbank.

"We had more than 500 people transition from the homeless shelters and rescue mission back into the community successfully working and having their own place to live and being able to take care of themselves and be productive members of the community, it's a wonderful thing and this kind of gift helps to make that happen," said Rev. Bill Roscoe with the Boise Rescue Mission.

Through cash and food donations, Idaho raised 1.2 million meals for those in need, which included more than 150,000 pounds of food.