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Months after installing a sticker sign, Idaho plans to auction it off

If you have a few hundred bucks handy, you can buy this totally Idaho sign.

TWIN FALLS COUNTY, Idaho — It seems Idahoans can't get enough of our Idaho signs, especially the road signs, and now's your chance to get your hands on one of the most-coveted Idaho signs.

KTVB first reported about the "Welcome to Idaho" sign along Highway 93 near the Idaho-Nevada border in September 2019.

It was covered with so many stickers, from tourists all around the world, that the Idaho Transportation Department had to take it down. But they wanted to be able to carry on the tradition of stickers so they came up with an idea.

A sign in the shape of Idaho to be placed next to the welcome sign that tourists could leave their sticky marks on instead. 

Fast forward six months or so and Idaho's first designated sticker sign is already covered in stickers. So ITD plans to auction it off.

"For some reason, there has become this phenomenon with putting stickers on signs, said Jennifer Williams, a public information officer with ITD.

As of 5:15 p.m. Monday, the highest bid for the sign is at $355.

"We started seeing posts popping up everywhere, people really like the sign and so there was a lot of appeal to it," Williams added. "It's a very cool sign, so I understand why people like it, but yeah within just a matter of months it was completely full." 

If you're interested in bidding, click here. The auction is scheduled to close Tuesday, June 2.

Williams said the auction for the sticker sign could be extended.

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