The West Ada School District has realigned some school boundaries to help with overcrowding.

The board of trustees unanimously approved the plan on Tuesday night.

"I think I've gotten used to the idea and I'm OK with it," said Sam Taggart, who is a parent in Eagle.

She has a daughter who currently goes to Eagle Middle School. After some boundaries were realigned next year she will be going to the brand-new Star Middle School.

"In a growing district you're trying to get programs to work, balance enrollment, and it's been a challenge," said Eric Exline, who is the West Ada School District spokesperson.

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The district has been battling overcrowding for years. In 2015 voters passed a bond to open Star Middle School to help. Exline says when a new school opens attendance areas are readjusted.

Exline says he understands some parents are hesitant about the change but he says the new middle school will be a great addition to the West Ada School District.

If you would like to see the new boundary lines just click here.