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It will cost more to attend Boise State, other 4-year institutions in Idaho

Tuition and fee increases were approved Wednesday.
Credit: KTVB
Boise State University

BOISE - Beginning this fall, it will cost more to attend Boise State University and Idaho's other four-year institutions, the Idaho State Board of Education has announced.

The board voted Wednesday to increase tuition and fees by 5 percent for resident and nonresident students at Boise State. At the University of Idaho, residents will also pay 5 percent more, but the increase will be 8 percent for nonresidents.

Resident students at Idaho State University will see a 3.5 percent increase, while nonresidents will pay 5 percent more. Both residents and nonresidents will see a 4.5 percent increase at Lewis-Clark State College.

The board said it deliberated the requests for several hours before reaching consensus. Officials said the requests were based on increased business costs, including the increased cost of employee compensation recently approved by the Legislature.

“We as a Board have a duty to keep costs as low as possible for our students,” board member Andy Scoggin said in a news release. “It is our responsibility to strike a balance between that duty and the need to provide the resources that our institutions need to accomplish their missions.

"We have heard from both student body leaders and university administration representatives today and we need to trust the people we have charged with efficiently managing their limited funds while moving toward our stated goal of increasing the number of degree holding citizens in our state.”