The disturbing details that came out during yesterday's sentencing of former Boise priest father Thomas Faucher shocked many and so did news that Boise's mayor was among those submitting letters of support for the former priest.

Faucher pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography and was sentenced to 25 years in prison with no parole. 

During his sentencing hearing, we learned Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, along with several others, wrote character letters in support of Faucher, letters that have since been sealed.

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After part of Bieter's letter was read aloud in court yesterday, some wondered why the mayor would offer support to someone who's admitted to possessing child pornography and drugs, priest or not.

Earlier today, Bieter sent out a statement in regards to that letter, saying that, "Forgiveness and mercy are central tenets of my faith. I condemn Thomas Faucher's crimes in the strongest possible terms and remain deeply disturbed and angry that a man I've known for decades was capable of such things."

"He was a family friend and priest for more than 40 years," Bieter's statement continued. "His support and counsel when my parents were killed was irreplaceable in helping us get through that very difficult time. That history and my faith compel me to have compassion for an old sick man and prompted me to encourage what leniency the court saw fit to offer."

The judge questioned whether those who had written letters of support would have done so if they knew the truth about the case.