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Luxury hotel shows off demo of new room

<p>The Inn at 500 Capitol</p>

BOISE -- We got a sneak peek at what Boise's new luxury hotel will look like.

This is a demo of a room from the Inn at 500 Capitol.

The hotel isn't slated to be done until the end of this year, or early next year, but they're already showing off their high end rooms and amenities.

"What we're trying to create is an experience, a memorable experience in each of rooms," said Brian Obie, managing partner, Inn at 500 Capitol. "This is one of our theme rooms. It's got an angled bed and a nook behind that. Each has a theme of its own. This one is glass art or crystal if you will."

This is the first of many tours the hotel will be holding every week, until it officially opens for business.

You can sign-up for a tour at the Inn at 500 Capitol at southeast corner of Capitol Boulevard and Myrtle Street.

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