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This Tacoma bakery is on a roll with toilet paper cakes

In honor of our collective nation's sudden need for toilet paper, Corina Bakery in Tacoma is now making toilet paper-shaped cakes!

TACOMA, Wash. — We know toilet paper is in high demand these days, but there is one place you can find it - Corina Bakery in Tacoma!

They're taking special orders for toilet paper cakes and poop emoji cupcakes. And for reference, no, these are not cakes made out of toilet paper. They are cakes shaped like toilet paper. Because what occasion isn't improved by a toilet paper roll-shaped cake?

Zoom birthday party? Toilet paper cake. Quarantine wedding? Toilet paper cake. Another night of marathoning old Evening episodes? Toilet paper cake.

Credit: Leise Swanson
Corina Bakery does special orders for toilet paper cakes...and poop emoji cupcakes!

The bakery is operating by curbside pickup right now. And these bathroom treats aren't the only special options the bakery has - check out their Corina Quarantine Boxes on their Facebook page.

Safe to say, Corina Bakery is on a roll!

Corina Bakery | 253-627-5070

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