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Keepin' It Local: Boise couple takes you 'Off the Grid' with their food truck

Jeff and Tarah Phillips discovered their key ingredient to finding a family and work life balance, their food truck!

BOISE, Idaho — Boise couple Jeff and Tarah Phillips had jobs in the corporate world. They were married with two children and really desired more time with their precious girls. Husband Jeff also happened to love pizza. Add all those ingredients to the fact both Jeff and Tarah had a secret desire to run their own business and you get the Off The Grid Pizza truck!

“This is something we can do as a family. You’ll see them (Jeff and Tarah’s daughters) out with us at the events. Working the register running around,” explained Tarah.

Togetherness and delicious food are some of the focuses of the Phillips' food truck…that along with an amazing open concept design.

“I knew we wanted to have an open concept, so everything was transparent. That way our customers can see us inside. They can see us cooking their pizzas in the oven and be a part of the experience,” described Jeff

The Off the Grid Pizza truck has a wood-fire burning stove inside the kitchen, while most similar trucks have them on the outside. “We are one of the few out there, as far as we know in the Boise area” said Tarah.

Creating an open atmosphere that is inviting to families (including their own) isn’t the only thing the Phillips value. They also love a really good pizza!

“Jeff went to pizza school! He learned a lot of the recipes from the pizza school he attended in San Francisco!” exclaimed Tarah.

But why the name ‘Off the Grid Pizza?” Jeff Phillips says it is to inspire others to “get off the grind, unplug and enjoy the outdoors!” (and enjoy a good pizza along the way too!)

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