BOISE, Idaho — As Treefort continues to take over downtown Boise, with music playing all day and night, one of the many "Forts" around the music festival includes Yogafort.

Yogafort is an opportunity for people to get their stretch and sweat on to live music performances on Saturday and Sunday.

Fitness and yoga instructors from around the global yoga community gathered in Boise to offered these unique classes centered around community and music.

"Treefort is the best time of year, it kicks off springtime, its five days of bringing people from all over the world that makes a boom in Boise for things to be a little bit more diverse around here, which is awesome, we're bringing more and more people in and growing so fast," Caitlyn Scales with Yogafort said.

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Yogafort wasn't the only "Fort" to take place this weekend. Build a Fort, where kids could build forts with cardboard boxes, took place on Saturday.

On Friday and Saturday, Kidfort also had children design and color specialty Treefort tee shirts.

The Treefort Music Fest ends Sunday, March 24.

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