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Where's Larry? Ada County Juvenile Court

Scales of Justice Bass Fishing Tournament

Several years ago Judge John Vehlow was frustrated by a juvenile offender who wouldn't follow through on his probation.  He wanted to see the young man improve and just told the offender that if he would just complete his probation the Judge would take him fishing.  The young man did and the Judge followed through and realized that something as simple as a fishing trip would be a way to encourage offenders to turn their lives around.  Now, for the past 16 years the Scales of Justice Bass Fishing Tournament has continued to grow.  That means more bass fishermen and their boats are needed.  There is no cost and in fact the volunteers get  most of their costs covered.  If you can help you are encouraged to call Tom at (208) 577-4862.  The event is on Sunday September 16 and is at C.J. Strike by Bruneau.