BOISE -- Hundreds of spectators made their way to Rhoades Skate Park Saturday afternoon to catch the X Games regional qualifier final round.

That’s exactly the hope the City of Boise had when they announced the X Games would be coming to the city.

As some of the world’s top athletes in skateboarding and other extreme sports competed at Rhodes Skate Park to secure their spot at the X Games in Minneapolis later this summer, spectators and fans alike watched in awe.

"It's usually in way bigger cities and I just couldn't believe it was here,” spectator Dawson Zebreth said.

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"At first I didn't think it was real,” fan Sebastian Houk said. “Then I saw the news for it and I was pretty excited to actually see this stuff live."

There are three disciplines featured at the X Games: Bicycle motocross (BMX) biking, men’s skateboarding and women’s skateboarding.

"People don't really recognize or see action sports as real sports,” Houk said. “They think it's just a bunch of punks, but it's crazy stuff that professionals [do]. They work hard for it. Not many people can do the tricks they can do."